Monday, January 31, 2011

Phil North Aircheck, 3/15/72!

Russell Wells checked in with me recently and sent along some airchecks, one of which we'll share with you here!

This one is of Phil North on March 15, 1972. Eric Chase, Phil North of KAAY, offers his insight:

The thing that stands out to me in listening after 40 years is that the personality of the jocks all came thru…we were a real 'people's station'…despite the cliché phrases and formatted elements, the station exuded a warmth and feeling to the listener…sort of a best friend…. If we said it on “The Mighty 1090,” the folks by and large really believed and trusted it was true....why else would they listen to 20 minutes of commercials per hour…they wanted to hear what we had to say and what we had to play….Eric

And I concur! As a young lad, I listened to everything KAAY did; I didn't "channel hop" as many kids did with local radio stations, when the commercials were aired. Too, KAAY was also stronger at night in the Mobile, AL area than most, if not all, of the local, had better music and better programming, in my opinion.

There WAS a warmth to how the jocks handled's hard to describe, but you WANTED to listen for whatever they had to say next! To that end, please enjoy this great aircheck of Phil North, compliments of Russell Wells...and hold on to your hats, there's some interesting music to begin with:

(or stream/download here from the archive page)

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