Friday, January 7, 2011

My "KAAY" Radio

The photographs above are the first transistor radio I ever owned.  It is a General Electric "10-Transistor" AM only radio, which I purchased from Greeson's Rexall Drug Store in Conway, Arkansas.  This would have been in 1965.  The price was $9.99 (a dollar per transistor!)  It came with an single earphone, which I used frequently until it fell apart.  Later, I purchased a flat "pillow speaker," which allowed me to listen to "Beaker Street" during the late night/early morning hours on KAAY.  The radio still works, and I have several others in my collection.  But this is my first radio, and probably holds the most sentimental value for me.

Richard Robinson


  1. Richard! What a great little radio- and in such wonderful shape, too. Keep 'em coming!

    Bud S.

  2. I had exactly that same radio, which I bought with my Christmas money in 1963 at Richard's in Heber Springs, Arkansas.

    General Electric had solid engineering behind its products, and this little GE was a hell of a good radio, with multiple IF stages and a lot of sensitivity. It was also very selective and I could separate AM stations even at the top of the dial. I could turn (and turn) the radio just right and hear Johnny Rabbit (Jonnie King's pal) at KXOX-630 in St. Louis. Blab it to the Rabbit.

    A friend had a small pocket transistor radio that was a lout louder than my little GE and he thought that his radio was better than mine. I later realized that the GE Engineers traded sensitivity and selectivity for loudness that my little GE was a far superior radio. I imagine that is still true today.

  3. Richard,

    Mine was a ChannelMaster 6 transistor radio, purchased (I think) at Elmers Sporting Goods in Conway. I broke it in with Buddy Carr's Top Ten Countdown and had it for several years.

    Cliff Barnes

  4. My first one also in 1965. JP.