Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bad News...Good News....

First, the bad news: Ford is no longer offering a CD player in it's new Focus vehicle...maybe this is a "sign of the times"...?  The new set-up will offer a USB port for digital music players instead.  There are several links besides the one above stating the same information, word for word....

Now, the GOOD news!  You can download ALL the audio here on this blog and links and drive around in your new Ford Focus, reliving those cruisin' days when you were younger and listened to KAAY!

I hate what's happening to my beloved radios....will it all fade into computer-generated "entertainment"?  By gosh, I hope not...

Bud S. (

1 comment:

  1. Ford might as well put a message on the invoice sticker reading "Folks over 30 need not bother buying this car."

    I think it's a little too soon to write off the CD. But what the @#$% do I know??!!

    Bud, I've been eating every word of your Arkansas trip whole. It's been a delight to read. Sure wish I could have been there.