Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jerry Sims In Arkansas Softball Hall of Fame‏!!!


If you remember, a proud Jerry Sims sent along a great post and picture last year about his daughter Karen making the Arkansas Softball Hall of Fame:


Well, this year, Jerry made it as well!  He mentioned to me, when I was touring with him in Little Rock this past April, that there were rumors that it might happen...and it did!  Herewith, his comments and pictures:

"Bud...You wanted a picture of the Hall of Fame induction.....Here tiz.

Me and my granddaughter Mia Sims. The date was July 1st. I am tremendously honored to be mentioned in the Hall. I love the game, continue to play, and get as excited about it as I did when I was a young boy.

My daughter Karen and me at the induction ceremony.  Unique because she was inducted into the Arkansas Women's' Softball Hall of Fame last year.  We, I believe, are the only father/daughter team there.  She was awesome, still is.  She plays on three different teams in Denver this summer.  One an all men's team, except for the pitcher,  my little blond Karo, the youngest inductee ever.
Really great job on the blog. Even though I was a part of your trip here, I feel the excitement you generate to others with your narative. Thanks.

CONGRATS, JERRY!!!!!  What an achievement!  And thank you for those kind words....

Who would have known that, when I was listening to Jerry, as "Sonny Martin", way back in the day on those early evenings, when KAAY came booming in at dark in Semmes, AL, that I'd be associated and befriended by him years later...and he'd become a Great in another arena, the sport of softball, as well!  I'd played and coached the game myself for about twenty-three years, so I look up to Jerry in this area.  Maybe I'll rejoin a league one day and try to catch you and Karen!

Again, congratulations to Jerry Sims, that "Sonny Martin" I listened to a short few years ago...seems like it, any way!

Bud S. (staceys4@hotmail.com)

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