Friday, July 15, 2011

July 15, 2011, Our 2nd Anniversary!

Hey, we made it another year!  Thanks to all the readers and visitors, we're still hangin' in there and rockin' with the music, commercials, memorabilia and personalities that made KAAY famous!

How do you like the audio we've been able to find?  That in itself is from many dedicated collectors, KAAY deejays and other personnel and folks who just happened to find us and say, "Hey, can you use....?"  Yes, emphatically!

For a while, I thought we'd come to the end of material, but it continues to trickle in, some ahead of when we can schedule it- and that in itself is a blessing!  I've stressed out so many times while I'm in search of something, wondering WHAT I can put up for you to enjoy when something else comes in- either by mail or e-mail transmittal.

I have to heartily THANK YOU ALL who love this station, its history and those who ran the Gentle Giant, and who have contributed so selflessly to the cause of bringing KAAY's history back into the limelight.  I feel humbled when Those Who Were There aknowledge something posted here and give us kudos...and I say "us" because I couldn't do it without the help of others.  I'm computer dumb, so it helps when Dave S., a college professor in the computer arts came along and works his magic.  Also for Greg Barman, for his audio and video wizardry.  To Jonnie King for his selfless contributions from his own stockpile of history.  And to many others who have offered audio, memorabilia, great memories, insights and opinions for the blog.  I know that maybe I've left someone out somewhere, so please remind me at my e-mail below...but believe me when I humbly take my hat off to you ALL....

David B. Treadway once said to me, in so many words, that it takes many folks behind the scenes, but the guy that gets all the blame or all the credit is the guy behind the mic...and, having been the one who ultimately heads this thing up, please let me know how we're doing.  I've done some production, announcing, run live and recorded venues, starred in an infomercial, but NOTHING has been as gratifying as this blog.  I'm glad we could share it with you.

Happy Anniversary to us, The Mighty 1090 Blog!

Bud S. (

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