Monday, July 25, 2011

My Trip To Little Rock: Wednesday, Mementos Shared

Jerry is a great host; we ran all over the place, weather notwithstanding.  Jerry had to run an errand and helped out a lady and her kids.  I witnessed a great philanthropic deed by Jerry.  And, we just barely beat the rain to the car afterward- it started coming down hard!

We went by his home to grab some other mementos he had to share, then Jerry drove me back to my motel.  The conversation was great and the information flowed.  We saw lots of great stuff, including the Big Dam Bridge (there's a story behind that unique name!)

Needless to say, this great day had to end as well, so Jerry kindly posed with some of his treasured LPs (that's long play 33-1/3 record albums, for you youngsters who don't know about vinyl!):

This is an album by Tommy Riggs, "Songs of the Funnyman".. We'd posted a scanned copy of Tommy's autograph on the flipside of the cover, so here's Jerry with the whole thing:

And here's the original link:

And something that Jerry and I both have, a copy of the 1967 "Ear on Arkansas":

This had been a big day as well; we'd been running non-stop for two days, trying to cover as much ground as possible while I was there.  Time for a little rest...

Is this too much like a slide show you hate to see when your neighbors get back from vacation?  I hope not!  We're trying to chronicle history here!

More later...

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