Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Birthday, KAAY!

Labor Day 1962, it all started with deejays reading the Little Rock phone book, greeting listeners, and the fun began. KAAY meant a lot of things to many people over the years and a lot of fun was had both on the station end and the listening end. A. J. Lindsey made a recording as it may have been....

Forty-seven years young today, and we're still enjoying KAAY's hilarity and great times via this blog! Thanks to all who help here, who work directly on the blog and behind the scenes, and to YOU out there who leave comments! In fact, PLEASE leave a comment below about what KAAY meant to you over the years.

Happy Labor Day, all....

Bud S. (

P.S. Here are some recordings that you might want to listen to on KAAY's birthday:
  • A.J.'s recreation and memories of the first day of KAAY: click to stream or download
  • Ron H.'s aircheck of the day before, when the DJs were reading the phone book, and ''the button was about to be punched!'': click to download
  • A Timeless Tracks interview about KAAY on its 40th anniversary: click to download

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  1. I remember the change over very well...I was a kid growing up in Hot Springs and remember the Baby Elephant Walk and the reading of the telephone directory very well...I never forgot it! I once suggested it to a manager of mine as a stunt and it thought I was nuts!