Sunday, September 6, 2009

Jonnie King comments on Phil North's April 71 aircheck

I just went to the blog and listened to Phil's Air Check that had my MiniBike Promo in it. It just blew me away ! I had (uncharacteristically) COMPLETELY forgotten about it, forgot that I even did it...and that's the first time I've heard it in 38 years !! Many thanks !!!
Hey, I actually think I did a good job on it ! (I'd hire the guy )

NOTE: Being an actor for many years before I got into Radio, my objective on-the-air has always been that EVERY word I spoke into the mike would be understood. That self-imposed rule continues to this very day.

BTW: September 10th will be my 42nd Anniversary in Broadcasting. It's been a long run, but my LR friends/co-workers and the time I spent at KAAY are still among my most cherished memories of all.
Thanks again for letting us share these memories for all to see and hear.


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