Friday, September 11, 2009

Notes From A.J.

Last year, I was poised to take a business trip to Little Rock, AR, which later failed to materialize. I'd notified A.J. and made plans to take time off to see the local sites and also meet up with him. A.J. sent me some notes that, anyone interested in KAAY history, would be interested in. I thought I would share these notes:

"The original KAAY board is in the Museum of Science and History in the River Market in Little Rock. It was there several years ago when I was last there. It is the one that came out of the Channel 11 building. There are also old Channel 11 cameras there. On the wall by the board, there is a letter from President Kennedy thanking KAAY for being a source of information during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Not much to see at the current KAAY . It is typical corporate stuff. Nothing like the first or second studio locations. The transmitter at Wrightsville, just out of L.R. would be well worth it but I doubt you could get to see it. I get the impression current owners could care less about the transmitter. The last time I visited there a couple of years ago it had been badly neglected even though they have a new transmitter."

I wish that the trip would have materialized; I certainly pushed hard to go....

Bud S. (

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