Friday, September 4, 2009

"Paris In The Spring" Lyrics

Well, folks, if Tommy's description of Wee Bonnie Cherry's voice is accurate, we can all presume that the transmitter and the modulator sections' hearts were throbbing!

"Paris in Spring"

Paris In The Spring, Mm---Mm---
Love is in the air, Mm---Mm---
Life's a love affair
And ev'ry pair of arms a rendesvous for two.

Paris In The Spring, Mm---Mm---
Hearts begin to dance, Mm---Mm---
And in ev'ry glance you'll find
An invitation to romance.

You must fall.
You simply can't evade love.
The moon is there to aid love
Find someone you can call you own.

You're to blame if you're alone Mm---
It's grand, it's new, Mm---
It's me, it's you
Ev'ry beating heart becomes a part of
Paris In The Spring.

Wow....has anyone got an aircheck of this????

Bud S. (


  1. Jeez! Thanks to Tommy and everybody else for getting that silly song stuck in my head again! (I will somehow get you all for this.) Here's the way I remember the first verse--which was all I could STAND before I turned my Channel Master 12-Transistor off for two-and-a-half minutes:

    Paris in the spring, tra-la, tra-la,
    Paris in the spring, tra-la, tra-la.
    Every beating heart becomes a part
    Of Paris in the spring...

    ARRRRGH! Somebody has to suffer for resurrecting this piece of dreck in the 21st Century. Somehow, I suspect AJ Lindsey was behind it--and I bet he's laughing down at all of us about now!


  2. I'll take the "hit" for Tommy, DBT! I know what its like to have music droning inside my head....Bud S.

  3. I've wanted a recording of this since the silly thing was transmitted!

  4. Someone please correct me if I'm mistaken. But I remember "Wee Bonnie Cherry's" voice from the Olden Days of Yore at the Mighty Ten-Ninety. And I coulda sworn it was the warbly weird celeb later known, far and wide, as Tiny Tim! Hallucinating?

  5. Ah, loved that song, and looked for it for years. Somebody must have a recording!

  6. I went to my local record store to buy this song. Left disappointed. I wonder what happened to the HAD to be at the station for quite a while.

  7. Doesn't anyone have an audio recording of this???