Friday, September 4, 2009

Tommy Armstrong Checks In


Finding this website has brought so many memories back for me.I grew up in No. Little Rock listening to KAAY from around 1961 - 1980 until I relocated to Atlanta.

In high school, I occasionally used to knock on the back door of the studio on 7th street to say hi to Tommy Riggs. My older sister was a friend of his from high school.

One topic of KAAY that I have not seen covered.... is: Do you remember the promo that was run about the singer from Beebe named Wee Bonnie Cherry? She sang Paris in the Spring. I can remember hearing her warble several times a day... it seems that it was mid 60's or so. I'm sure that transmitter probably overheated everytime they played her song....

Was she Little Rock's answer to Mrs. Miller? Remember her record of A Lover's Concerto?

Just thought I'd throw by two cents in. Thanks for everyone for the great memories!!!

Tommy Armstrong


  1. Jerry of the Sonny Martin'sSeptember 4, 2009 at 1:31 PM

    Tommy.....All the D.J.s had a tremendous amount of freedom to do whatever they thought was acceptable. I was on the air during the time you mentioned, worked with Tommy too, but I never played the song on my shift. It kind of rings a bell, but I cannot remember it that well. Possibly one of the guys had a running bit with it. I was also Music Director during that period and was responsible for choosing what records were to be played, and where they appeared on our survey. We all got along so well that we offered some personel choice amoung the guys too.

  2. I used to listen to the Ronnie Owens All Night Satellite show during the "Wee" hours. He kept talking about Wee Bonnie Cherry. He suddenly chuckled and said, “Her name used to be Wee Bonnie Box.” When I asked A.J. about this, I didn’t get much of an answer except it was obvious the announcer was just clowning around. I was probably sixteen or more, so I had an inkling as to the meaning. I was just to naïve to realize I was correct.

    Ron Henselman

  3. That was supposed to be "too naïve."


  4. Funny! At the time, I was old enough to get the joke. I do wish I could find the song. It is right up there with Muhna Muhna on the all time quirky song list.

  5. Gosh, good to know I'm not the only on to remember this. At the time, I tried to buy the 45 at my local record shop, but the proprietor thought I was nuts. (He was right.) I'd still like to have a recording of it. I finally got a recording of menumenom (probably spelled this wrong), so I KNOW there is a sound track out there for us.