Saturday, August 27, 2011

David B. Treadway On Grass, Lawnmowers, Jerry Sims And KAAY

I wrote this piece ("Lawnmower Boogie") well before the untimely passing of our great friend Jerry Sims, who will always live in my heart as The Middle Sonny Martin. It was the correspondence between Jerry and me--begun back in 2009, long before we met face-to-face--that made me remember what a huge part of my life that KAAY so quickly became back when I was young. Whenever I'd be outside, grown and returned to Friendship, taking care of the garden or mowing the interminable grass that my Mother left me, I'd think of KAAY. And Jerry. And how that old Mighty 1090 was still so alive in both our hearts! I'd remember listening to that OTHER skinny kid who dreamed of growing up to work at the big station in Little Rock. That other kid who saw his own dreams come true at such an early age--and who never forgot how he came up, either. And now the hellishly hot summer of 2011 begins to fade and the grass and the garden walk out of the tomb like Lazarus. Here in a few days, I'm going to have to saddle back up on that lawnmower and slay me some grass that I woulda SWORN was dead and gone at least until March. Only now I'll mount up alone and diminished by the loss of my man Jerry Sims. Or maybe NOT. Maybe I will not be surprised in the least to hear his voice jocking those Silver Dollar Survey Hits while I go about my chores. Fly free forever, Jerry. As long as those three towers shall stand in Wrightsville, your name will be remembered.

In my heart, WAY longer. Love, David B. 8/25/11

(Dear readers and visitors, David B. had sent "Lawnmower Boogie" to me about midway of my Visit series and said to post it afterward, which I faithfully did.  Little did he and I know Jerry wouldn't be with us shortly later, before it could be posted.  No one knew.

Jerry was bigger than life to me, not only someone I also listened to when I was a little kid, but as a softball player who was still playing when I had retired from playing and coaching in order to help my kids along in their athletic endeavors.  He was an iron man, in my eyes, playing when most men would be content to sit in a recliner and watch ball on the tube.  Not Jerry- he was an avid player, letting me know he'd be away & unable to check the blog or e-mail me while on tournament trips.  He loved what he was doing and spent his last time there on the field.

Jerry's passing has left a BIG hole in my heart.  I miss him terribly.

You should have BEEN there, when Jerry, David B. and Barry Mac were together talking...being there with living history!  I wish we could have gotten together with more of The Greats and had dinner...but there was no time, or schedules clashed- or whatever.   I would have given almost ANYTHING to make another trip to Little Rock and set up some sort of get-together, whatever it took.  Again, time took it away from us...but there's still time for some....

David B., thank you, with all my heart...I didn't mean to steal any thunder here, I just HAD to include some of my thoughts.  My heart is overflowing and I'm still having to get it out....Bud S. [])

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