Saturday, August 13, 2011

A "New" Emperor Holiday Commando Certificate, From Lynn Ross!

WHAT A FIND!  Lynn Ross, friend of A. J. Lindsey, a.k.a. "Doc Holiday", found this certificate where "Doc" had inducted her as one of his Commandos back on September 21, 1964!  Herewith Lynn's comments:

"I was really saddened to find out that AJ had passed away over two years ago. I had known him most of my life, and, as a matter of fact, my oldest brother, Zeke Wingfield, and AJ were friends for many years. My brother and I, and another friend, had coffee and a long visit with AJ a couple of years ago in ALMA...AJ didn't appear to have changed much at all over the years and it was great fun catching up on old memories and friendships.

In cleaning out my house to "downsize," I ran across one of the certificates awarded by Emperor Holiday. It is somewhat different from the one shown on the blog, with embellishments around the edge, and a caricature of AJ "Emperor Holiday" at the top. It is dated September 21, 1964, and stamped with the number 001102. I will send a scan of this Monday when I get back to the office and have the ability to do so.

Bottom line...thanks for the memories, both of KAAY, but also of the time Doc Holiday was so much a part of my youth..... Now...just stop the tears....Some things hit me kinda hard. Lynda Wingfield Ross (Lynn)"

Lynn had more to say in subsequent e-mails:

"What awesome memories this brought back. One of the other women in my department lived in northern Illinois during her teen years, and although she doesn’t specifically remember Doc Holiday, she well remembers KAAY and cruisin’ around on a summer eve listening to the best music ever!!!

I’ve accessed your (AJ’s) blog, and had a blast “looking back in time.” Those really were the days!!!!!!!

I’ve also come across quite a collection of 45’s that are “promo” or “disc jockey copy only” from that era. I know without a doubt that AJ was the one who gave them to me, and I’m working up a “master list” if you have an interest. I’m probably going to sell them, ‘cause I’ve discovered that quite a few of them do have some value ($10 - $15 resale)…again, I’m downsizing, and there are limits to what you can hang onto….

Thanks for your kind words……"

...and, I'd asked her for permission to use her e-mails and some memories for the blog:

"You are more than welcome to use anything/everything I say on your blog...not that you'd necessarily want to :)

As for my memories of KAAY....most of them are related to AJ because he and my oldest brother were such good friends. I was only 10 or 11 when they met and became friends. As I recall, AJ worked at another radio station back then, and he and Zeke would ad-lib things on-air. Once AJ moved to KAAY, things changed. From a "kid's" point of view, AJ was really a hero, and although he was at our house often, I really thought he was SOMETHING!!! To be able to get this certificate from him (even tho he misspelled my name) really meant something special. And I was really surprised when I ran across it.....of all the things to keep!!!

Yes, I listened to KAAY throughout my teen years and into college. I would often casually mention the fact that I knew "Doc Holiday" to some of my friends....Hey, it made an impression on them!!! And although I did my share of crusin' (don't tell...) I NEVER danced in parking lots. Well, maybe moved around a little.....but I wouldn't call it dancing.

Listening to AJ and Zeke talk while I was growing up really impressed me. When I went to college back in the late 60's, I took Radio Announcing/Engineering and actually got licensed. I worked at the campus station for a couple of years, both as an announcer and as an engineer, but when it came time to start working in a "career," that one didn't pay.....How did you guys/gals make it back then?????? I went off in another direction entirely and have ended up (for many years) in investments/securities.

I have never forgotten AJ, and the fact that he treated me like a peer, even though I was some 9 or 10 years younger. I always considered him MY friend, as well as one of my brother's friends. Even after "life happened," and Zeke and AJ went on their separate ways, he would stop by our house just to say hello. I know what that meant to my mother, and that is something I'll never forget.

I'll ask Anne (my co-worker from Illinois) tomorrow if she has any special memories. I know she mentioned cruising around on a Saturday night, just listening to the radio...and everyone in the car singing along. Maybe she'll be able to share some special memories with me.....

Thanks for letting me share memories.....when we get older, it's good to remember "the good old days." (Even if they really weren't...)

Lynn Ross"

And here's Lynn's Emperor Holiday Royal Commando certificate!

As you can see, it's shnazzier than the ones we've had here before.

Thank you, Lynn, for sharing those memories!  And, nooooo, we won't tell anyone you've been cruisin' and listenin' to KAAY!

Bud S. (

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