Tuesday, August 16, 2011


It was a Major Event ! Elvis Aron Presley was on his way to Barton Colesium in Little Rock...and he'd be there on April 17th, 1972 ! Can you understand the excitement & anticipation that was felt by all of us at that time ?

Elvis lived in Memphis, just 140 Miles from L.R., and he was "one of us" if you comprehend the Mid-South nature of that area. You might not feel the same way in D.C., Provo, Utah, or, Bangor, Maine...but if you lived where we did at the time, Elvis was an integral part of our cultural geography.

I was the Music Director at KAAY at that time, and as such I was the most popular guy in town: everybody wanted tickets to see Elvis, and I was the one who they thought could help 'em out !


Well, that 1972 Concert came and went, it was fantastic and was an important part of my personal "bond" with Elvis. But, my link with Elvis had actually begun in 1956, linked further in 1964, and, culminated with his death on August 16, 1977...just three days after my birthday.

Therefore, on the 34th Anniversary of his death, and the start of a new "decade" for yours truly, I thought it was time that I share my memories, rare personal items from my Archives, pix, and, my thoughts on the various stages of my life with all of you...as you, and KAAY, have been one of the MOST important parts of my stay here on Terra Firma.

I've also asked my friend, "The King Of The Kustomizers", GEORGE BARRIS, to add his memories of Elvis as he created a fantastic Cadillac Limo for "The King".

PLUS, and this is important, you'll hear an ACTUAL National News Bulletin announcing the Death of Elvis.

Thank you for all of YOUR help, support, and, love that you've shown me through the years. Here's the Link: http://www.legends.thewwbc.net/gpage153.html

God Bless you all, and R.I.P. Elvis, my thanks to you...from one humble King to another.


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