Thursday, September 15, 2011

Don Phipps, KXLR Alumni

I heard from Don Phipps today, requesting contacts with other radio alumni:

"I worked at KXLR from 1960 through the middle of 1963. I worked with Amber Lindsey (AJ Lyons), Gary Weir (John Scott), Jerry Sims (Larry London), Hal Bray (Bob Bray), Mac Macartney, Stan Steele and several others. I also worked at KGHI, later KAJI and KBBA in Benton.

I would be interested in connecting with any of the old Disc Jockeys from the early 60’s in the Little Rock area.

Don Phipps, AKA Cliff Safer."

So, for any of you who are (alive and) mentioned in the list, or for others not mentioned but worked with Don, please get in touch with him at his e-mail address above.  Thank you!

Bud S. (

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