Thursday, September 22, 2011

Uh, Oh, A Different "Charlie King"?

Well, looks like we have a switcheroo going here, folks!  Posted back on September 14, 2011 was some 'scoped audio of an early morning "Charlie King", with Mike McCormick (Barry Wood) at the news desk.  The "real" Charlie King, Charlie Scarbrough called me a few days ago, saying it wasn't him!  His friend, and also friend of this blog, Jim Cleveland, heard it and called Charlie; he also played a bit of audio over the phone for him.  Both surmised that it was NOT Charlie Scarbrough!

One main reason was, Charlie never worked days; he worked the afternoon drive-time slot and some evenings, especially since Richard Weithan died in the National Guard accident and Charlie basically stayed in the time slot....

So, I listened and came up with a conclusion: that it definitely was NOT Charlie Scarbrough, since the voice and intonations were simply not him.  But, the more I listened, the more it sounded like Matt White to me.  I e-mailed Matt, the 3rd and current "Sonny Martin" asking if he remembered anything along this line, but have yet to hear from him.  I'd also e-mailed Dave Montgomery, who was there at the same time Matt was and am awaiting his reply, as well.  For those of you who know Matt White, please give a listen and leave a comment, please!

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