Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tommy Riggs Pics, From Charlie Okle!

To hear stories about Tommy from Charlie Okle and others, he was definitely a prankster!  Charlie & Tommy seemed to get into some goofy stuff from time to time and these pictures of Tommy show it!  As Charlie reverently handled and showed these pictures to me, I understood the importance of their friendship.  Life often hands you many aquaintenances, but very few true friends.  I believe with all my heart that Charlie and Tommy were true friends....

Well, this picture shows Tommy cooking up his wife Stella on the stove- she must've been a character, as well!

What a dish!

Apparently, Tommy was headed somewhere with Charlie for some's Tommy in the car:

Probably looking for ads for Superballs to smash on the sidewalk....

And, finally, it looks like Tommy Riggs is whupped from a long day of fun:

Just all tuckered out...or, was he napping before going on the air?

Thanks to Charlie Okle for these candid pictures of Tommy Riggs.  May his memory last forever....

Bud S. (

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