Tuesday, September 6, 2011

KAAY 3 January 1969 With Ken Knight (Jerry Pitcock)

Hey, dear reader and visitor!  Thanks to Russell Wells' collection, and the audio and computer wizardry of Dave S., we get to bring you yet MORE great audio!  This particular offering to follow is a studio copy of The Ken Knight Program on January 3, 1969, after 8:00 PM.  This "Ken Knight" is Jerry Pitcock, brother of Jim Pitcock, who was a "Ron Owens" while at KAAY.

It is mostly 'scoped, but the ads are intact; I believe that, due to the time period, Barry Wood, one of the "Mike McCormicks" did the voice-overs.  Hey, not on the Double Mint gum commercial, of course...wow, how long has it been since you heard THAT particular commercial, or those like it?  And fill up at the Phillips 66 dealer and you get a coupon for a free McDonald's hamburger- neat commercials!

And, how about those 69-cent B. J. Thomas records at Moses Record Shop?

One other thing that stood out were the identifications: "Kay-Why Radio", "Big Kay", etc.  Some Program Directors stood for it, others didn't, and insisted that the deejays pronounced "K-A-A-Y" clearly and distinctly.

(or stream/download from the archive page)

Here is a picture of Jerry Pitcock at about the time of this broadcast:

We certainly hope you enjoy these audio offerings and the work that goes behind them- not only back then, but at the current time as well, as we strive to obtain, download and bring to you here on this blog.  This and each of the audio entries that we will be posting are about thirty minutes in length and take up a lot of webspace.  My applause goes to Dave for all his hard work and know-how ---  we couldn't have this audio (and video, maybe to come) without him!

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