Friday, September 23, 2011

I Made The "Big Time" At The Butler Center!

Ye Olde Blog Keeper has made it in print at The Butler Center for Arkansas Studies!  I was alerted by Skip Kendel that he had received his copy of The Butler Banner and there was my ugly mug!  (My words, not his!)  It was from my visit on the last day of my vacation in Little Rock, donating materials David B. Treadway, Jerry Sims and I rescued, to the Center.  This picture was also posted in my "Trip" series and here it is, again:

I'd forgotten that I was on the mailing list and contacted Guy Lancaster (the tall guy) and he said that I was still on the list.  I receieved The Butler Banner a couple of days ago and my daughter picked it up and you should have seen her reaction!  Made me proud....

If you get the chance to visit The Butler Center, please do so and enjoy their wonderful facilities and gift shop!

Bud S. (

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