Wednesday, September 28, 2011

KAAY June 5, 1968 With Rock Robbins

With credit and thanks to Russell Wells, here is an audio offering of Rock Robbins, about mid-day...I believe this one was Tommy Riggs, but if not, someone please correct me.

This is a 'scoped studio copy, opening with " a giraffe...find out how!", which was a program where Little Rock was trying to buy one of these animals!  Does anyone remember if the giraffe got to stay?

A salutation to Ross Douglas goes out for his contributions to Little Rock.  More great commercials...hey, where did the commercials go like that 7-Up "UN-Cola" commercial?  Even back then, they were advertising returning bottles and glass, due to's not a new thing, you know!

BannerLine News with Ron Owens (Walt Sadler) at 1:30 PM....

....and those 10-year appliance warranties make me want to go to Wallach's!

(or stream/download here from the archive page)

Here's a picture of Tommy Riggs ("Rock Robbins"):

Thanks to Dave S. for the archived audio!

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  1. Greetings from a grandson of Ross Douglass and thanks for this post. I've been reading the KAAY blogs periodically, and it was an unexpected pleasure to see my Grandad mention here, however briefly. Many thanks the KAAY alumni who contribute to this blog.

    I'd like to mention that Ross Douglass was a WWII veteran in the Pacific theatre aboard the USS Watts as a radio operator. When he returned home, he was an avid amateur radio operator, and I have a box full of QSL cards he received when he enjoyed that hobby.

    I'm not a ham myself, but I wish you all: 73s!

    Doug Ward
    Beebe, Ark.