Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Phil North aircheck, April 10, 1971

As promised, here are the remainder of what is just the first batch of airchecks from Phil North (Eric Chase).

Phil has supplied us with a 20-minute scoped aircheck of his work at the mic at KAAY on Friday evening, April 10, 1971. You'll hear Phil start his show at 5pm, and about 2:30 into the aircheck, you'll hear Jonnie King's promo for his mini-bike giveaway, the very same bike we profiled on this blog in the post, "Jonnie King's Wheels"! Along the way, you'll hear ads for Wrigley's Gum, Coke (''the real thing''), and Dr. Pepper ("so misunderstood"). At about 16:00, you'll hear Phil's signoff to Garner Ted's show, "The World Tomorrow," and then it's back to Phil playing the hits for the remainder of the evening.

Since the file is a bit large (21 minutes -- 25Meg), you might want to try playing this stream:

(or, you can download-and-play the file).

I went searching in A.J.'s files to see if there were any other airchecks of Phil, and I found this one; it's also worth a listen:

Thanks, again, Phil, for contributing the aircheck! (More are on the way!)

---Dave S. (schmidt1953@gmail.com)

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