Friday, November 25, 2011

Comments From A Reader

This is a comment I thought would be nice to repeat, even though it was added on as a comment on the 9/28/11 post, "KAAY June 5, 1968 With Rock Robbins".  It is in regard to a "shout out" to Ross Douglass during the aircheck attached to the post.  Well, Doug Ward checked in and left this comment:

"Greetings from a grandson of Ross Douglass and thanks for this post. I've been reading the KAAY blogs periodically, and it was an unexpected pleasure to see my Grandad mention here, however briefly. Many thanks the KAAY alumni who contribute to this blog.

I'd like to mention that Ross Douglass was a WWII veteran in the Pacific theatre aboard the USS Watts as a radio operator. When he returned home, he was an avid amateur radio operator, and I have a box full of QSL cards he received when he enjoyed that hobby.

I'm not a ham myself, but I wish you all: 73s!

Doug Ward
Beebe, Ark."

Isn't it a small world?  These are great, intimate comments we like to see.  A young man who listens and contributes to KAAY, and later the grandson who reads about him and comments on the blog- what a connection!

Some may think this is trivial, but not me.  Thank you, Doug Ward!  We'd love to see a picture or two of a couple of your grandad's favorite or most memorable QSL(s).

Bud S., KC4HGH (

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