Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Scott Charton Checks In!

Howdy do!  What a rush to hear from another Great of KAAY!  Here's Scott's e-mail below:

"Dear Bud,

I came across your search message through a Google alert today. It’s very kind of you to think of me. I’m not lost – just mis-placed!

I worked in news at KAAY in 1981-82, before joining the Associated Press as a reporter. My KAAY-KLPQ stint included the innovative "Trimulcast," when the AM-FM morning show was carried live on Storer cable TV. I retired from AP in 2005 after serving in the Arkansas and Missouri bureaus and as a roving correspondent, specializing in politics, government and features. From AP I became director of communications for the four-campus University of Missouri System, advising the UM president and the system’s governing Board of Curators. The University of Missouri-Columbia is proud home of the world’s oldest School of Journalism. Since 2005, I have been CEO of Charton Communications, a media consulting firm based in Columbia, Mo., and handling communications for corporations and statewide ballot issue campaigns. After all this time, I still get the biggest kick out of the affectionate “KAAY-was-the-soundtrack-of-my-youth” memories expressed by folks from Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota and other Midwestern states about the 50,000-watt giant. I’d love to hear from old radio friends, at chartonconsulting@yahoo.com

I haven’t visited with Brian Chase in many years, but after KAAY he did mornings in New Orleans, and I believe he is now running http://www.morningprepdaily.com/ out of Las Vegas, providing materials for morning shows across the nation.

It’s also been many years since I’ve seen or heard from Dr. Grady Brock, one of the all-time great personalities. I had the honor of doing news for Dr. Brock on the old KKYK-FM during a week when Craig O’Neill and Eric Brown were both vacationing back in the early ‘80s. I’ll never forget his screamed introduction: “And now, Big S and the boring news.” Still cracks me up.

Small world: my lovely cousin, fellow Conway County native Jennifer Trafford Hines, has established her own wide fan base on Arkansas radio, currently alongside Bob Robbins at KSSN-FM!

Thanks so much for reaching out.

All the best,

Scott Charton

Charton Communications & Consulting"

Thank you, Scott!

Scott had also mentioned Brian Chase; I'd found his e-mail address again and contacted him, getting a reply that he'd check with us soon.

Fantastic that we're hearing from The Greats, isn't it?  If anyone knows anything else about Dr. Grady Brock, please pass the information on at my e-mail address below- thanks!

Bud S. (staceys4@hotmail.com)

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