Friday, November 4, 2011

KAAY May 16, 1968 With Sonny Martin/Jonesboro Tornado

Thanks again to Russell Wells for this audio!  This "Sonny Martin" is Matt White and begins with a bit of music, into a KAAY jingle at 7;00 AM, into COMEX News with George J. Jennings.  Once, he sounds like he said "George G. Jennings"....

The report is grim, reporting the tornados in the area and 48 deaths so far.  This is good reporting of a terrible tragedy....and reminiscent of the great KAAY news staff.  Please listen, remembering that back in 1968, they didn't have the technology we enjoy today.

Hey, who was that "Doc Holiday?  Too early for Al Eisenman...must be Ray Brown?

There is more great programming and music, mostly unscoped.  Riviting reporting.  Heartfelt content at its best.

(or download from the archive page)

Thanks again to Dave S.!

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