Tuesday, November 29, 2011

KAAY April 2, 1969, with Rob Robbins, in for Ken Knight!

Here is an unusual recording, one of a "Robbins"...the name got passed around a lot with "Rock", "Bob", etc. all during KAAY's early years...and this one is "Rob Robbins" in for Ken Knight (who was Jerry Don Pitcock then).  Does anyone know who this particular Robbins was?  It's too late for Tom Campbell and I think too early for Bob Spears, who became "Bob Robbins" in the early 1970s, and still is.

You know that the folks at KAAY always had a lot of fun...just listen to when "Rob" announced his own show, "The Big Rob Robbins Show: at about 8:50 into the recording and got a long drawn out "boooooo!" from someone!  Communications Exchange News was reported by Rob Robbins at the beginning and by Clyde Clifford at the end of this recording.

This is a relatively short recording, due to the 'scoping.  Thanks to Russell Wells for this contribution and to Dave S. for his audio help!

(or download from the archive page)

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