Wednesday, November 16, 2011

KAAY January 3, 1969 With Mike McCormick (Barry Wood)

This audio bit of history opens with Mike McCormick (Barry Wood) doing the news AND his own show!  Watch out, Ray Charles jumps out at you on this early Friday afternoon 'scoped version.  Ron Owens (Walt Sadler) picks up the news later in this broadcast.

Another cool Coca Cola commercial with Lulu follows; whatever happened to nice, long commercials?  Nowadays, it's all "cram 'em in" and seconds-long ads.  I'm almost out of breath listening to commercials on today's radio stations.  I generally turn away when the ads come on, radio or TV....

More great material here, folks, compliments of Russell Wells; archival greatness, as always, by Dave S. brings this audio to you....

(or download from the archive page)

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