Friday, December 23, 2011

Goodies From Lee Frank!

Newsman Lee Frank sent along a couple of things to share with you, dear reader and visitor!  The first picture is that of a KAAY windbreaker, circa mid-1970s!  It is in very good shape, just a slight stain on the front.  Sturdily-made, it has snap front pockets around the bottom front.  So well-made, one wouldn't mind wearing it even today!  However, as this is another rare artifact Lee donated for the blog, it will certainly be kept in storage and not worn...

However, I couldn't resist trying on the cap he sent along with the jacket- and it fit my big ol' head!

The foam backing is crumbling slightly, but the cap is in very good shape, as well!

Lee found these items in his basement, if I recall, and alerted me by e-mail that it was in the way.  I apologize for not sharing it sooner, Lee..."life" and a full SIM card in the camera (due to my daughter!) kept getting in the way!

Again, we are fortunate to experience these memorabilia from Lee Frank...Thanks, Lee!

Bud S. (

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