Friday, December 30, 2011

Ken Reitz's New Book

"Hi Bud --

Hope the New Year goes well for you and all the KAAY fans! I wanted to let you know about a Kindle eBook I just published, some of which might be of interest to your readers.

It's called “How to Listen to the World” and it's an introduction to shortwave listening, amateur radio, Free-to-Air satellite TV/radio, AM-FM DX, Internet radio and the new phenomenon of cord-cutting; getting off the addiction to cable and satellite-TV. Much of the material is from columns and feature articles I wrote over the last two years for Monitoring Times. Each section has been updated to include the latest information available with over 100 links to the most important websites for each topic. Previously unpublished material has also been added to give the reader a fuller understanding of each topic. Kindle e-books can be read on any e-reader, laptop, desktop, or smartphone. I also have a feature article in the January issue called, "Who's Killing AM Radio? (And, why isn't it dead yet?). And, in the February issue will be a feature by our AM/FM radio columnist Doug Smith W9WI on DXing the AM band called, "AM DX: An Old Service Yields New Thrills." Best wishes to all for a great New Year. -- Ken KS4ZR

Ken Reitz, Features Editor
Monitoring Times

"How to Listen to the World"
A Kindle e-Book"

Folks, Ken is a fan and supporter of this blog and is a great writer. Please take advantage of this new publication offer at this link:

Thank you Ken!

Bud S. (

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