Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Old Green Zenith

I've mentioned my old green Zenith tube table radio before on the blog...the one that glowed in the dark and I listened all over the country on the AM broadcast band. Well, to my best recollection, here is one nearly like it, but this one has FM on it, too. I didn't remember FM....mine was AM only, but the similar models I've found have not been in this color green, and mine was definitely this color and AM only. It also had "Zenith" where the FM numbering is on this '725.

This one is a 1951 model, a Zenith H725Z1. I would dearly love to have another one, in the same green color, but I'll take any of the "725" (or closely-related) models, which were a variety of colors.

I'm getting more and more into refurbishing- not restoration- since many of the old-stock parts are no longer available, but the new, more-available parts are SO much better. Some folks go to the "nth degree' and hollow out the old cardboard capacitors and stuff the newer, smaller caps inside, then put them back in place. Nice, if you have the time!

I have so much to do, that if St. Peter will let me take them to Heaven with me, I'll have to do it just to finish all I have currently. I haven't shown 1/10 of my collection here yet, but I'll sneak one or two in here at times.

I have several projects going at a, a 1953 +/- Johnson Viking II Transmitter, ready to start testing...a late 1940's Hallicrafters S-38C needing just a few caps to finish (it already works, but has some marginal wax caps just waiting to pop!) and a Monarch classic 5-tube receiever needing a little TLC, just to start. Time is a premium, however. I was discussing the lack of time with a fellow Ham the other day...I mentioned that when I was a kid, the hands on a clock would barely budge, but now that I'm older, those same hands look like a fan!

Enough running on...needless to say, there's always room for one more radio....

Bud S. (

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  1. Hi There, I have one of those old radios - it has the std and fm dials. I don't know if it works, but it comes on. Maybe just takes some fiddling. Mine is not green either. It's gray. Same radio though. Was thinking of selling it. Do you know what it might be worth?