Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A New Book! Link To George Jennings

Folks, I have heard from Vicki, who is the editor of San Antonio Radio Memories:


I have been enjoying your 1090 blog/website for some time. Keep up the good work. I started working as an editor on a project a few years ago that involved San Antonio Radio. The result is a book called: San Antonio Radio Memories. There is a connection to KAAY. George Jennings is mentioned in the book. Besides air personalities, the book contains a number of technical/engineering stories. ALL profits from the book go for scholarships and/or to charity.

There is also a website that contains both stories and audio from San Antonio Radio:

Material on the website is different than what is contained in the book.

The photo and the audio of George Jennings on the current website came via A. J. Lindsey. The story in the book is a gathering from the stories that got told at George's Memorial gathering. The book is available at: and It can also be ordered from most bookstores. Pricing of the book is $19.95.

Paul Kirby (book and website contributer) tells me that he used to listen to KAAY during the long winter nights when he was a kid in Minnesota. He mentioned something about a jingle playing continually any time a DJ turned on the microphone. (If I remember correctly) He said the jingle went: K-A-A-Y One-Oh-Nine-Oh

Editor - San Antonio Radio Memories"

Thank you, Vicki! If you go to the website mentioned above, scroll down and click on the link "George Jennings" and see the photo (cropped from original) and listen to the audio of George announcing the Kennedy assassination.

(You may have to copy and paste the link bs).

As Vicki mentioned, the proceeds go to good causes; please get your copy soon!

Bud S. (

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