Saturday, January 7, 2012

Comments that you've submitted...

Many of the postings in this blog receive comments.  It's not always easy for a reader to see which postings get comments when, so as a kind of "public service", I have extracted from the blog's server a summary of recently posted comments and formatted it so that it can be posted here.

You'll see that comments sometimes appear for a story that was posted long ago, and you'll also see comments that in themselves are so interesting that they make you want to reread the original post!  You can find a story on this blog, no matter how old, by typing its title into the Search box at the top left corner of the page.  You'll get in return the story and all its attached comments. Or, try looking for the story in the "Blog Archive" list" in the right column over here ==>

So, I will get rid of the "comments backlog" by posting two lists here, which roughly correspond to comments submitted last month and the month before.  Click on each list to see the full-size version.  I'll post more such lists as needed.

I hope this helps you enjoy the blog a little more....

Happy New Year,
Dave S.

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