Thursday, January 19, 2012

More Scammer/Hijacked E-mails...

Boy, the audacity and nerve of some people!

Awhile back, I mentioned that someone had hijacked A. J. Lindsey's e-mail address and used it to try and get me to click on a link...and I warned you about this, dear visitor.  Not only that, but several of my Ham radio friends have had their's hijacked in the same fact, I got an e-mail, appearing to have come from myself telling me to click on a link- I deleted it ASAP... they've gone and hijacked Matt White's e-mail ("Sonny Martin III") and sent me a wierd link today.  I wrote to Sonny and asked him...he confirmed that it wasn't him and I thanked him.

Greatgooglymoogly!  Be careful about duplicated e-mails...they're scams.  We all have to be vigilant so that we don't get unwanted solicitations and viruses from these hijacked e-mail addresses and the links they support.  And, you run the risk of, when you dump them into the "junk file", maybe not ever hearing from the legitimate e-mail holder again, if your computer program weeds them out from here on out.

Anyone got any ideas about this?  Anyone been seriously affected by something such as this?


Bud S. (

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