Monday, January 9, 2012

Comments That Hit You "Right There"....

Dave S. did a compilation of comments a couple of posts ago...and then, I checked in today and found a comment that hit me "right there". You know, dear reader, we take a LOT for granted...the we live in a (mostly?) free country, can come & go as we please, have plenty to eat, plenty of heat and air conditioning, plenty of everything (hence, the name "Land of Plenty)...but what about those folks who don't have any, or very little, freedom?

I was talking with Wayne Moss about a week ago about the country of Cuba, where just listening to anything but that country's radio (socialist in nature) gets one put in jail or prison. Such is the fate of many people in other such countries. We're pretty moderate, shockingly so, judging by the content of our radio and my opinion, some of the producers and programmers ought to be jailed for the content of our shows....

Nonetheless, there are those brave souls who somehow mailed KAAY and other stations to let them know how much they appreciated them. The following is one such comment we received January 6, 2012:

"Lora said...
Thank you soooooo much for sharing all this goodies with the world. It bring back so many memories of friends, places and lovers :).

Lots of stories listening Beaker Street!!

Thank you, thank you,thank you. Gonna send the link to my brother and some of my old friends, they will really enjoy your blog.

By the way I'm from Cuba,listening to KAAY as well as WQAM cost to end in jail to many of the young people from my generation, but we did it no matter what :)(It look funny now but was very sad.)Happy New Year and keep your blog growing.Thank you again."

So, remember how good we got it....

Lora, you and your brother and friends please visit often and please give us a few stories about listening to KAAY...such as, how did you hide the radios and such?

Bud S. (

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  1. Hello, at beginnings of 70s I was studying in one of the Castro's invented school that mix studies with agricultural work, its name is Ceiba 6, all nights with placed the radio stuck to a column of the dormitory (to increase the signal reception) and we listened Beaker Street, great program! , i recall that often began with Pink Floyd's Pigs, by all means we could not let the professors got us listening the program because immediately they accused to you of "diversionismo ideologico" (literally, ideological deviation), and you were kicked out the school, lol!