Friday, January 27, 2012

More From Havana Cuba!

I have corresponded with our fellow Cuban KAAY and Beaker Street enthusiast and asked if he appeared in any of the pictures...and for privacy reasons, he did not, but wanted to promote the band The Kent...herewith more of his e-mail material, lightly edited:

"...these people are members of a band called The Kent,one that plays the same rock music every night, we listened to on the radio in those years. Like I said the night club called Yellow Submarine, is the home of the Beatles in Cuba, is like a cave, if you look at the photos carefully, you will see that the walls are many of the lyrics of the Beatles.

Very close to this nightclub at about 96 steps is sitting on abench, the bronze statue of John Lenon....
The Yellow Submarine is a place for everyone who wants to come to open your nostalgia. To the right of the entrance to the site, welcomes visitors with a huge photo of Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison, who along with some of her songs printed anthologies everywhere on the walls, make the club a kind of sanctuary .The bar takes the submarine details such as hatches, keels, tubular shapes and proportions. Liverpool Quartet cartoons, illustrations of his subjects,including Strawberry Fields Forever, and a bar decorated with the covers of the 18 original records. Open Tuesday to Sunday afternoon and into the morning every day,The most beautiful and welcoming place in the city,our cave .

Soon I will send you new photos of this club, also new photos of old Soviet radio, where we listened with great pleasure Beaker Street.  Thanks Bud, Thanks KAAY, Thanks Beaker Street."

Our friend in Cuba has many great memories, as we do. Isn't it wonderful to remember growing up with such great memories? And this blog will strive to keep bringing forth history of KAAY and all aspects thereof, bringing to light those things we all loved- and still love. Please, as our frind in Cuba has done, share those wonderful memories here for all to enjoy!

Next Post from Cuba: another Soviet radio on which KAAY and Beaker Street was heard!

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  1. To our wonderful friend from Cuba:

    Thank you so much for sharing your memories of KAAY after all these years! Back in the very early 1970s, we would receive an occasional postcard from Cuba and I always wondered what life was really like in your country.

    Now, to see that there is a club called The Yellow Submarine brings me such delight and laughter that I cannot express it! The reality is far better than anything I could have imagined.

    Viva The Yellow Submarine, Viva The Kent and Viva our new KAAY Amigo from Cuba!

    David B. Treadway
    Doc Holiday VII
    The Last PD

  2. Mr. David B. Treadway, thank you very much for your kind words. I have always considered a friend of the KAAY´s crew, during all these years I kept my best memories for you and KAAY. Today I have one of my dreams come true, keep in touch with you.
    As for the Yellow Submarine nightclub, this is part of a cultural complex that includes a bronze statue of Lennon sitting on a benchin the park right next to the club. I will send photos and a report on the inauguration of the statue. You will be surprised much more, I remember we met Lennon, thanks to Beaker Street and Clyde.
    Best Regards
    your wonderful friend from Cuba

  3. Hello...happy I got my pc back,I have missed all...just a little bit to share, we in Miami have "Salon de la Fama del Rock Cubano Underground" (The Cuban Rockers Hall of Fame), and got some pictures of the Festivals and the Anniversary just in case you wanted to share some, even got the photo with the Trophy the Salon gave (send) to Los Kent in Havana...Dago is there too :).
    Here's the link just in case you want to take a view at it
    Best regards.