Thursday, January 26, 2012

San Antonio Radio Memories Revisited

Hoo, BOY!  Vicki Worthington hit a home run with this book!  I just finished it this morning and what a hoot!  Lots of stories and anecdotes shared, a lot like we do here on this blog.  I am convinced that radio people are a special breed...what that breed may be, I don't know, but I am thankful for them!

What a way to begin my day, every day, by reading Vicki's book for the last couple of weeks...a chuckle here, a chortle there...thank you to Vicki and all the contributors to San Antonio Radio Memories!

I remember Tony Warner's show when he had several KAAY folks over on his KAAY 40th anniversary show, where he mentioned to Pat Walsh that he should write a book...and I wish Pat would have!  I could see an encyclopedic series, if he had!

Many thanks again to Vicki for this effort...remember, folks, your purchase of this book (with an entry on KAAY's George Jennings) goes to charities and scholorships.  The website address, once again, is:

Would San Antonio deejay Paul Kirby stop by sometime and relate his KAAY listening memories, please?

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