Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sonny Martin (Matt White), August 16, 1976

And we present to you another audio treasure, compliments of Wayne Moss- and remastered by Greg Barman!  I may have mentioned that Greg had to do some physical and audio TLC on the old cassettes Wayne sent in for us to enjoy and lovingly, skillfully brought them back to life.  This audio is partially 'scoped, possibly due to some tape repair and rescue, possibly for taping reasons, and it is a good copy for us to enjoy.

"Colonel Sonny Martin", as he calls himself on this morning broadcast, featured a detailed weather report, later airing the famous "Breakfast Serial"

He also read an ad for a store with citizen-band radios and accessoreies, as well as stereo equipment- remember the CB craze?

And Jerry Lewis was featured in a commercial for Muscular Dystrophy; I enjoyed the telethons over the years and they're NOT the same today- especially without Jerry Lewis.

Mitch Michaels read the news (with a humorous twist) in this portion; listen for the KAAY jingle just before the newscast!

Without further ado, enjoy this latest offering from Program Director Wayne Moss!

Thanks also go to Dave S. for his archive wizardry!  Dave, this wouldn't be possible without folks like you and Greg!

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