Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wayne Moss Himself, August 16, 1976!

Here is Program Director Wayne Moss!  Funky music, great rock 'n' roll and that great voice, still great today!  Just shortly after 10 AM on this date, Wayne followed the "Sonny Martin" program.  Wayne announces the station as "Kay Double-Ay-Why" many times over.  It is interesting how some managers and directors alternated the usage of either that or "Kay-Ay-Ay-Why", when at times, they got mail for "KWAY" and other station calls.  Regardless, with that great signal, modulating those great voices, there was very little confusion as to WHO they were!

There were maybe a couple of breaks in audio here and there, but Greg Barman did an excellent job in bringing this audio back to life; it was on the same tape as the previous "Sonny Martin" morning broadcast.

Ah, great memories...this was the music played when I was in high school- specifically, this time was when I was a junior.  Those were great days- not the easiest- but I survived and radio, in several forms, helped a lot.  Thank you, Wayne, and all the Other Greats, for getting me through this tough, confusing time!

Hey, listen out for a spacey KAAY jingle in the later third of the audio!  I'll bet some may not have heard it before!

Victoria Griggs (sp?) got the Morning Salute from Wayne during this broadcast...does anyone recognize the name and could she be located after all these years?

An all-American ad for Avis Rent-A-Car ends this audio treasure- $147 a week?  That was a lot of money, even in 1976!

Listen and enjoy- and my hearty thanks go out to Wayne Moss for sharing these treasures- to Greg Barman for his wonderful recovery efforts- and to Dave S. for his smooth archival of this audio for all to enjoy!

Bud S. (staceys4@hotmail.com)

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