Friday, May 14, 2010

Dave M. Radios and Comments

Our very own Dave M.'s son restores classic radios...and he shared a couple of pictures with me to pass on to you:

" son just finished a Crosley AM/SW dual band restoration project that very well could have been used to listen to KTHS or KAAY back in the day. Here's a borrowed picture of the radio - a model 56-TN-L, which we think was manufactured about 1948 - 1952 or there-abouts. Ours is in as good shape as the one in the picture!!! We put it on an antique table in the front foyer of the house, and it looks/sounds great!"

Here's their Hallicrafters 38-B:
I like to listen around the AM dial with a Hammarlund HQ-100A, myself, when I'm in the Ham shack.
Thank you, Dave!
Bud S. (

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