Thursday, May 20, 2010

A "New" Timeless Tracks Audio Version

Well, not really new...some of us have heard it, or some of it before, but I thought it would be nice to take the bits hanging around "out there" and have them strung together, as a real radio show should be.  Compliments of Greg Barman and his audio finesse, he strung it back together, did some audio magic to it with equalization, mono-to-stereo conversion and boosting and made it sound more like a radio show!  This was the 40th Anniversary Show commemorating KAAY's beginning on Tony Warner's "Timeless Tracks" show on "Cool 95", KOLL.  Later, Tony's show was cancelled, as mentioned in A.J.'s blog....there are several entries here:

Featured guests were A.J. Lindsey ("Doc Holiday"), Matt White ("Sonny Martin III"), Charlie Scarborough, ("Charlie King") and Pat Walsh...also mentioned was "Clyde Clifford" (Dale Seidenschwarz), but I don't remember hearing him on this track.

You'll hear some audio tracks of KAAY's early days, some of which you may have heard before.  It sounds like they all had fun with this show!  Unfortunately, this is all the audio we have- 48 minutes and 13 seconds of it (a bunch of oldies music not related to the program was editied out)- and if anyone else has any more audio from this show NOT in this track, we would appreciate it being sent along...just see my e-mail addres below.

I have also tried contacting Tony Warner with no luck...I'd not called his business, only left an e-mail and was told that they'd forward the e-mail to reply.  If anyone has any contact with Tony Warner, we'd like to hear from him and let him know the party continues!

Oh, and besides the audio (thanks to Greg's laborious contribution and Dave's posting help!), here is a picture of "Charlie (Scarborough) King", from KAAY, 1966- compliments of Charlie Okle:

Now, on with the audio!

Timeless Tracks --- 40th anniversary KAAY:   stream   |   download

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