Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What Did You Listen To KAAY With?

To my recollection, it being so many years ago that I listened to Jerry "Sonny Martin" Sims, Clyde Clifford and others, this is possibly the radio I listened to KAAY with.  Mine was more scratched and I think the carry strap on top and one knob was missing, but those tubes glowed in the dark, adding to the mystique of Beaker Theater by casting just a little bit of light into the room!

I found this radio here, as well as a couple of other places:

Wonderful memories, those were!  Would you dear readers be kind enough to send in pictures of what YOU used to listen to KAAY with?  My e-mail address is below.  If you can't find a picture, but know the model of the radio, maybe I can find the picture and post it here for you!

I love old radios...later, maybe I'll take some pictures of what I have & post them here.

Bud S. (

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