Friday, May 21, 2010

Novelty Songs On KAAY

Dave M. has offered something we haven't thought of before: those wacky, hilarious novelty songs we all enjoyed!

"Here's something I've been tossing around - a list of some of the so-called "novelty songs" heard on KAAY. While this list is by no means complete, here's a list compiled by:

 that is a good start. Any others anyone else want to add to the list?

1. King Tut - Steve Martin
2. Disco Duck - Rick Dees
3. Convoy - C.W. McCall
4. Junk Food Junkie - Larry Gross
5. The Streak - Ray Stevens
6. Dancin' Fool - Frank Zappa
7. Fish Heads - Barnes & Barnes
8. My Ding-A-Ling - Chuck Berry
9. Shaving Cream - Benny Bell
10. Mr. Jaws - Dickie Goodman

1. They're Coming To take Me Away, Ha-Haaa! - Napoleon XIV
2. Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini - Brian Hyland
3. On Top Of Spaghetti - Tom Glazer
4. Short Shorts - Royal Teens
5. Beep Beep - Playmates
6. Tip Toe Through The Tulips - Tiny Tim
7. Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavor - Lonnie Donegan
8. Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah - Allen Sherman
9. Leader Of The Laundromat - the Detergents
10. Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport - Rolf Harris



  1. One of the biggest when I got to KAAY in 1969 was Ray Stevens' "Gitarzan" ("...let's here it for the Monkey !"). In prior years, ANY Ray Stevens record would do.

    AND, don't forget a Big KAAY Biggie: "Dead Skunk In The Middle Of The Road" by Loudon Wainright III.

    One of my Ultra-Faves is "Loving You Has Made Me Bananas" by Guy Marks.

    Jonnie (as in "King")

  2. Oh ! AND don't forget:

    "My Boomerang Won't Come Back",Charlie Drake.
    "Stranded In The Jungle", The Cadets.
    "Flying Saucer", Dickie Goodman.
    And, one of the biggest of all: "MR. CUSTER", Larry Verne.


  3. How about "That Greasy Kids Stuff" by Janie Grant. It took me years to get a copy after I figured out I actually wanted it. I think it was making fun of the Brylcreem commercials.

    Ron Henselman

  4. Here's another pair of prime offenders in the Novelty genre:

    "Neanderthal Man" by Hotlegs and "Gimme Dat Ding" by The Pipkins, both from 1970, I seem to remember. If that is correct, I lay the blame squarely on Sonny Martin III--and thanks (NOT!) to the Blog for bringing up this subject and getting those horrid things stuck in my head again!

    David B. Treadway
    Doc Holiday VII
    The Last PD

  5. One of our readers gave A.J. a CD with all of the songs used in the original "Flying Saucer" record by Buchanan and Goodman. Did he share it with anyone?

  6. Rick Dees wrote Disco duck when he was doing mornings at WMPS-680 in Memphis. The station manager forbade him to play the song on his show and fired him when he did. So Rick went over to WHBQ-560 and wiped the floor with WMPS.

    In 1978, I interviewed for a job at KELP-920 on El Paso and the manager bragged that he was the guy who fired Rick Dees. I said "and he went to WHBQ and kicked your ass?"

    The conversation deteriorated after that. And I went to work for KELP the week after he was fired.