Sunday, May 2, 2010

One More KAAY, And A KARK-TV QSL Card

Here is one more, from the  John in Montana QSL Collection...this one is like some of the earlier versions, but is much clearer and easier to read.  Obviously, this collector must have kept it in a binder or folder, where sunlight, etc. would not degrade it.

Also in his collection is this QSL card from KARK-TV, the second-oldest TV station in Little Rock- April 15, 1954- so, happy birthday to KARK!

What is so surprising is that he saw this station on his TV from Sheridan, Wyoming!

Many times, unusual contitions occur in the upper atmosphere that cause VHF and UHF signals to be seen (or heard) many, many miles from it's intended audience and coverage area.  I've personally enjoyed watching Mexican TV from here in lower Alabama a number of years ago.  Nowadays, with digital TV, this may not occur at all, any more; with DTV, you either have a signal, or you don't.  Even in the coverage area, many of us lose the signal, just by a breeze blowing trees and leaves around...sad state of affairs for television now....

You can see more of John's collection here:

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