Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Many thanks for my old friend, Dave M., for bringing his business card to the Site.  These are always uber'-cool for everyone to see...especially those who weren't there "at the time".

Now, here's a bit of info on my card that Bud posted awhile back:

My card wasn't printed on the usual card-stock that is normally used.  It was printed on a very thin, onionskin-style stock.  You could just about see-through it if you held it up to the light. Very classy indeed. These cards alone were a very classy introduction to whomever you gave them to.

(The girls loved 'em ! Thought if they weren't dealing with the "Kings of the Airwaves" or, "Radio Royalty" they were very, very close !   LOL !! )

My Dad, who many of you met when I was there, always carried one of mine around in his wallet to show people.  He was always my biggest fan, God bless him.  Always proud of what his son did.  He was also a Saint.  The kindest, warmest, most wonderful human being ever put on this Planet.  Thanks again, Dad.

Jonnie King

PS:  About those pix of Phil North/Eric Chase:  The reason Phil looks as he does in those pix is due to a secret formula of Swedish Youth Treatments, which I believe, were sold at one time at The Little Barn under the "You Can Look As Good As You Did In 1970 !" Label.  It was a combination Elixer, Mouth Wash, Hair Tonic, Body Rub, and, Lumbago Potion.  After fermenting, it could also be used as Car Polish & Grout Remover.

Many years ago, George & C.J. told me that Phil had pre-ordered a number of CASES of the stuff...which contained a gross of bottles to each case.

I hope this clairifies any confusion that may have arisen by your viewing of said photos.

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