Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What A Statement!

One night I was listening to A.J. on KAAY. He made this statement: "This is K-A-A-Y, the station which helped run Dick Biondi out of Chicago." Dick had been fired awhile before that, and I think he went to California. He came back to Chicago to work on WCFL around 1968. WLS celebrated their switch to rock and roll in 1960 on May 2, 2010 with a 50 year anniversary show on WLS-FM.


Somehow I missed this show.

Ron H.

(In my opinion, competition between radio stations could be fierce...and even more so with the 50,000 watt giants of yesteryear, if I read my history correctly.  Over night time, I'll bet they were competing for nationwide audiences, as well!  Bud S.)

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