Monday, May 17, 2010

Today, A Year Has Passed...

...since our friend A. J. Lindsey slipped quietly into eternity.  It was because of him, and our love for KAAY, that a core group started this blog, continuing in the tradition A.J. started.

"Emperor Holiday", we hope we're doin' it right!


  1. Thank you, AJ! We wouldn't have this Blog without your tireless efforts in preserving the KAAY legacy. I am honored to share the air name of Doc Holiday with you!

    David B. Treadway

  2. A good man, a great radio man, and the one who was involved with my radio days by giving me job opportunities at KXLR and KAAY. I appreciate the blog and it's continuing the memory of both my friend and a great radio station.

    Jerry Sims