Friday, June 25, 2010

Comments From A Reader- We Want More!

We get occasional comments and e-mails from readers who find us by other means than the blog itself.  I had left a comment on a website over a year ago and Kathi Spencer e-mailed me, looking for any audio, links and what-have-you, re: Beaker Street and Beaker Theater. Her comments are below:

"I listened to KAAY Beaker Street and Beaker Theatre in the EARLY 70's. It was about 1 or so when Beaker Theater came on, and if memory servies, they sang before the theater, many songs that could be war protest... Joan Beaz was one. I have tried to tell my kid and friends from different areas about it, but alas, they could not get it. Would love to hear an episode from any night again. It was my "parking" entertainment out on a date.... Great memories, married the guy but we are divorced."

I gave her the URL for this and A.J.'s old blog, as well as that of Jonnie King's website, for The Breakfast Serial, which more or less was born from George J. Jennings and "Sonny Martin" (Matt White) morning serial, which, if I'm not mistaken, had its beginnings in Beaker Theater...someone correct me if I'm wrong on that.  For those who haven't found Jonnie's Legends site, here's the link:

Jonnie has been a wonderful friend, to me and this blog.  He would appreciate your visits and patronage.  By the way, he syndicates these serials all over the U.S.A.!

Thank you, Kathi, and to all who e-mail and comment.  We want more!

Bud S. (

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  1. Most of the Beaker Theater episodes were British shows from the personal collection of KAAY Newsman George J. Jennings.