Thursday, June 17, 2010


To All My Big K Friends:
Just thought I'd brief you on this, as you know I'm always in the vanguard of the "hottest new items" around:

On my most recent trip to Italy, after a private meeting with the Pope, later consulting with Ferrai, Lamborghini, and Maserati, on their 2012 models, and then giving Oscar De La Renta a few tips on new cologne scents for his next Spring Showings, I met with the owners of the House of Ariete to discuss their newest Radio Device.

My friends, this will make WiFi, HD Radio, and, iPods look like Crystal Sets ! This new product truly moves Radio and our profession fully into the 21 st Century ! I give you:


How could it have taken so long for someone to create this Broadcasting Phenomenon ?

JUST THINK OF IT: For 3 minutes, EVERY MORNING, you can listen to "just enough" of your favorite radio station, while your toast is toasting, to leave you wanting MORE so that you can't wait to get in your car to drive to work and listen to the rest of whatever you were hearing !

Think of the possibilities ! Not only will radio stations benefit from this fabulous device, but "cumes in cars" will go up book-after-book; bread companies will be swamped with more and more orders, their production will go up, AND, you can bet they'll take full advantage of this new "Radio Toaster" Craze and create Special new breads just for this medium. (Rock n' Roll Rye; Smooth Jazz Slices; Classical Crusts; Blues Bread; Big K truly boggles the mind).

And, of course, you know Steve Jobs will have to get into the fray ! A year from now I expect he'll be unveiling the "iToast" (power cord available at additional cost).

SO, I wanted you all to be the first to know that I'm set to become the sole USA Distributor for this superb, and, soon-to-be, BIGGEST Fad since the Hula Hoop and the Edsel. The wheels are in motion, and as soon as the check clears on my initial "good faith" payment of $15.42 things will begin popping-up...just like toast !!

My name is Jonnie King, and, yes: I want to be a Millionaire !

Oh, and yes, this REALLY exists !

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