Friday, June 11, 2010

Wolfman Jack

Sometimes I go off on a tangent and do some odd research.  We'd mentioned Wolfman Jack and his relationship to KAAY a couple of times on this blog and, for some reason, he got on my mind again.  I like to listen to his airchecks from KERB 1090 as well, from time to time.

Well, I found a video site that had a nice tribute:

You can also search out other Wolfman videos (and others on many subjects) on  All of the ones of him I came upon here were pictures with some of his airchecks dropped on them, but it was still fun to listen.

Everyone have a nice weekend!

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  1. Bob Smith-Wolfman Jack moved from Shreveport to Del Rio, Texas, and made a deal with the then-owners of XERF-1570, a 250,000 watt radio station in Mexico that covered most of the Northern Hemisphere. XERF had been running preachers all night, but one night Bob replaced all of the religious shows with The Wolfman Jack Show. When the preachers protested, Bob said that he would put them back on the air if they paid for 5 years of air time, in advance, at the new rates. When they mentioned contracts, Bob told them that the contracts were canceled and that they could sue XERF in a Mexican Court. Or they could wire him the cash and be back on the air that very night.

    Apparently selling prayer cloths, pieces of the Original Cross, and autographed pictures of Jesus Christ was pretty rewarding because most of these preachers were still on XERF in the late 80s.