Thursday, June 3, 2010

"Remember The Past, But Don't Live In It."

That's a quote from a graduating senior of our local high school...and several others had some interesting parting quotes, as well.  It got me to thinking, that's what we're doing here!

There are times when I'm working around the house, doing research or what-have-you, and I'll pop an aircheck in the computer or player....and I relish every LP pop, every lightening crash, every signal fade...all the things that we experienced listening "live" to KAAY.  Yes, these invoke great memories when The Mighty Ten-Ninety was blasting through the ether; memories such as when you were a kid, huddled under the blankets on a stormy night, that signal ALWAYS made it through...or when you were playing out in the yard chasing fireflies...or dancing to the beat at the drive in hamburger joint.... These recordings captured the actual soul of the moment, the "real thing" and are more alive than any cold, remastered CD recording that has been cleaned up...give me the real thing every time!

Yes, we're remembering our fun times...and we're living in the "now" enjoying them all the time!

Thanks to all who contribute...please keep it comin'!

Bud S (

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