Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Weather DOES Affect Radio Signals!

What with Hurricane Alex off the Mexican Gulf Coast, and a cold front in Northern Alabama, I was experiencing a "push" of signals from the southwest and the Gulf, signals that I don't normally hear.  I have mentioned before that weather fronts and major weather events can and do affect radio signals.  If you have time, monitor the AM/FM broadcast bands and maybe the public service bands today and tomorrow, and you may hear some signals you don't normally hear!  I don't know about digital TV, since I could only see two channels this morning, out of several in the Mobile area; digital TV signals are attenuated in anything but clear weather.

I don't want to get started on digital TV...NOT my favorite medium....

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  1. Digital TV? To me, anything that has the potential for the picture and sound to arrive at the viewer's TV at different times is probably not the best idea.

    I mix live sports as a freelancer. 20 years ago, "lip sync" was not a part of transmission check-in.